Awash in Walshes (and others)

Some photos sent to me by my niece Leslie. THANKS!


Numerous relations, including:

Group pic, from left to right:

Les and Barb Walsh, Ben Floyd, Carrie (Ben’s girlfriend, pastor’s daughter), Clair Floyd, Tammie Filo, Joe Walsh, Thomas Floyd

Pastor (in Pirates shirt) (This is the Pastor that did Grandma’s service. I can’t remember his name), Pastor’s son, Pastor’s wife, Sue Floyd, Barb Walsh, Leslie Walsh, Caitlin Floyd (standing), Casey Walsh (in chair)


My aunt Gwen, uncle Mickey and aunt Bobby.


Bobby and Les in Savannah, GA outside Six Pence Pub. They were in GA to see President Jimmy Carter preach.


Les showing off his great legs and killer smile.

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