From Colorado Confidential:

Nearly twenty five organizations with hired lobbyists came out opposing the recently vetoed HB 1072, which sought to make it easier for unions to negotiate job shops.

According to the Secretary of State’s office, the following groups were working against the bill, while others monitored or supported it.

Here is a listing of those who opposed the bill:

Arch Coal, Inc.

Capstone Group

Colorado Association of Home Builders

Colorado Competitive Council

Colorado Health Care Association

Colorado Mining Association

County Sheriffs of Colorado

Douglas County

Douglas County Business Alliance

Economic Developers Council of Colorado

Express Scripts, Inc.

Independent Bankers Of Colorado

Kodak Colorado

Laidlaw Transit Services, Inc.

Metro North Chamber of Commerce

National Federation of Independent Business

Nexion Health, Inc.

Peabody Energy

Royal Crest Dairy

Schryver Medical, Inc.

South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce

St. Mary’s Hospital

Tourism Industry Association of Colorado

University of Colorado Hospital

These are the kind of people that perpetrated the Ludlow Massacre.


Read the whole Wikipedia entry. It’s a shameful chapter of Colorado history – and the bastards that made it happen are still filthy rich and spitting on the unions.

For shame Bill Ritter. You’ll regret standing with these people.

Karma never sleeps and neither do the souls of the murdered workers at Ludlow. Labor won’t soon forget how you climbed up their backs and then pissed on them.

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