Chip Wars Continue to Rage

Class action lawsuit filed against Dell.

The suit claims Intel was bribing Dell to shut out AMD. Dell spokemen say the suit is a rehash of their dustup with AMD and that other claims in the lawsuit are made up.

This whole mess could spell less money donated to GOP fundraisers as well as operational woes for Intel; which could impact Apple eventually.

I think what we’re seeing is the first wave of change eroding the PC market’s sand castle. Dell has been producing an inferior product for years – their penchant for shipping DOA machines is legendary.

First Gateway started tanking in 2000 and hasn’t gotten better, now Dell is showing signs of slipping. HP looks to be doing good, but I think it’s just the effect of laying off all the Mercury employees – that bubble will burst shortly I suspect. Not to mention, when judgement against now-ex-chairman Dunn come down I predict that stock will take a savage hit.

Golly, could it be…? Is the ballyhooed Age of the PC drawing to an end? The skeletons are starting to rattle and fall out of the closets. Meanwhile Apple is doing great.

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