M. Douglas Wray

Yo Taylor!!

We’ve had close to 30″ of snow in the past two weeks, we’ve had to rely on help from our trusty neighbor Taylor to come dig us out!

taylorgarczynski.jpg dscn0016_edit.jpg dscn0007_edit.jpg dscn0015_edit.jpg dscn0013_edit.jpg dscn0011_edit.jpg dscn0010_edit.jpg dscn0009_edit.jpg

Our friend Taylor Garczynski helping dig us out!

Great service – and very reasonable!!

Standard 2 car driveway and sidewalk – $25

Standard 1 car driveway and sidewalk – $20

Will estimate larger jobs!

North Longmont Area only (23rd & Bowen area)

I’m happy to pass along referrals!!

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