Submitted by Joe Walsh:

“Believe it or not… you decide”


My response:

Even if only a fraction of it is real/’true’/credible (and I suspect some or much of it is), it’s alarming at best.

So, I’m wondering, seriously – what’s the “correct” path to take with these folks?

Containment? Suppression? Extermination? Just curious since diplomacy seems to be ruled out (and has mixed results).

Obviously SOME action is indicated since there’s a lot of violence going on. The current results in Iraq seem to indicate that military intervention doesn’t work very well, in fact, makes things worse… so what to do?

I’ve never been a big fan of ANY of the ‘organized’ religions, but always willing to support -faith- that values people first. Not all of Islam is as violent as the folks being portrayed, but yes, the violent factions (of ALL ‘religions’) ARE a danger, that I’ll definitely agree.

But, once a direction is chosen for dealing with violent factions of -one- religion (Islam for example) would it be appropriate to apply the same methods to violent factions of other religions?* (* your choice here)

Whenever folks think ‘God is on our side’ things generally get pretty darned bloody. How do you find the middle ground again?

What path would you take? Generally I’d -rather- not be killing people to avenge killing, that’s a downward spiral, as Ireland has shown us for decades. Everyone loses and the Church goes right on encouraging more killing (quietly of course). Somehow I just don’t think that’s what ‘God’ or (your diety here) would want… so… what to do?

Always fine to sound the alarm, but how do we put the fire OUT and KEEP it out?

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