When Republicans Attack

This is a long entry – read the whole thing, then parse out what happened – it’s a sad commentary on the computer illiteracy of the conservatives in Colorado and their desperation to stop the loss of Marilyn Musgrave’s Congressional seat.

First I got this email:

Hi Doogman,

As you may have heard, the Colorado Republicans filed an FEC complaint today alleging coordination between DCCC, Pacccione and Pat Stryker/Coloradans for Life. In their complaint they include your blog entry from Oct. 11 in which you say Angie told you “not to worry” about the DCCC pulling its ads.

Wanted to see if I could talk to you or email with you about the entry and what Angie said/what you asked.



Kevin Darst

City government reporter

Fort Collins Coloradoan

1300 Riverside Ave

Fort Collins, CO 80522

(970) 224-7757

(970) 224-7899 fax




to which I replied:

From: M. Douglas Wray [mailto:macguiguru@spamcop.net]

Sent: Wednesday, October 18, 2006 4:43 PM

To: Darst, Kevin

Subject: Re: Reporter questions re: Paccione camp


The conversation went like this:

(at the Candidates Forum afterwards) <- note, on Oct 13th

Doug: “Yo! What’s up with the DCCC yankin your money?!?!?”

Angie: “Don’t worry, it’s not a problem, they’re still funding our mail campaign”

Doug: “Whew”

and that was about it.

I don’t need a lot of reassuring, if Angie says it’s ok, it’s okay.


I think the only reason my blog was mentioned is because Musgrave’s campaign has a personal hate thing going for me.

Why I don’t know. O:-|




Then this story comes out on the Fort Collins Coloradoan website – wherein they tried to claim that Paccione said that to me on the 11th, making it ‘damning’ evidence of ‘collusion’ between her campaign and the 527s, when in fact she told me that the night of the 13th. Jesus!

The story’s been corrected and the Colorado Republicans look like the morons they are.

Sad. Stupid. I just love how they tried to use MY blog to smear MY candidate.

Weak. Lame and completely clueless. Luckily I saved the entire email exchange with them and busted the mistake in MINUTES so it never made it to the print edition. LOL.


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