Behind the Music – The Deadlines

The Deadlines CD

No musical phenomenon was more short-lived than the Deadlines.

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Created in the late 90’s during a creative explosion in the web support world, this small Colorado band made local waves felt as far as Redmond, WA. Lead guitarist Brian Sunde, famed for his perennial rejoinder – ‘What the…?’ remains active in local venues but visibly cringes when asked about his experiences with the band. Rhythm and lead guitarist Mike ‘Monseignor’ Hall (a favorite of the groupies) disappeared on the island of Bimini and aside from a tattered speedo, has never been seen since. Rumors abound. Vocalist M. Douglas ‘Big Mac Daddy’ Wray came closest to real fame when a six-CD deal was inked with Virgin records – only to collapse amidst scandals involving a caffeine-abuse ring and a weight-loss clinic gone horribly wrong. He dropped out of the public eye and remains a recluse.

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  1. Rumors continue to swirl about a much anticipated reunion of “The Deadlines.” Lead singer M. Douglas ‘Big Mac Daddy’ Wray has reentered the spotlight after being banned from music venues due to flatulence. Some have attributed beanless chili as the antidote or his emergence. Brian Sunde and his band have played the dive circuit, but have yet to reach the level once achieved by the “D-L’s”. Michael T. Hall has stated in the tabloids that he is waiting patiently for the reunion and may sell his previously unreleased demo – “The Mile High Conference Room Sessions” to a private label. We must only wait to see if the band truly resurfaces as a unit.

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