Radicalized Wife – Pt 1

From: mlwray@spamcop.net

Subject: To Mr. Sybrandy

Date: September 28, 2006 7:54:50 AM MDT

To: newstips@thedenverchannel.com

Dear Sir,

Usually I commend Channel 7 for worthy news reporting, but this time I must say, “Shame On YOU!”

The reporting on Angie Paccione is incorrect and totally biased. I think in my Constitutional Law class it was called “yellow journalism”. It is obvious that you support Marilyn Musgrave so that would make you unable to report ‘truth’. Angie is not for Amnesty for illegals. You have never spoken to her, have you? You have distorted her voting record to favour Musgrave. In all fairness, you need to retract your story and report the facts, not what Ms. Musgrave wants you to tell. You also need to apologize to Angie. If you were my employee I would fire you for distorting the facts. Do you not ever research your information? Or are you being paid to lie for Ms. Musgrave. Good grief man, get the facts straight or get off the air. Good reporters check the facts before they start talking. I seriously do not think I will ever watch you report on anything. If you get the facts wrong on this, then what else are you fabricating. You should take some lessons from John Ferugia. I think he gets his facts straight before he speaks.

I may have to change channels from here on and watch a news channel who can tell the truth.

Marilyn Wray, MSW

Longmont, CO

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