Weird Sense of Humor

Hearing that the Republican Party is going to ‘dig up dirt’ on Democratic opponents kinda makes me nuts… do these crooked bastards (and bastardettes!) think we’ve forgotten their hideous smears of John Kerry’s (and Max Cleland’s!) military service?

Do you remember this image:


Golly. Isn’t that just funny as hell?

Think this young man is amused by it?:


I kinda doubt it.

How about this shot – remember this:

purpleheartbandaid_02.jpg Ho ho! How jolly funny, eh?

Somehow I think this poor soldier doesn’t think it’s funny at all.


And lastly, this starry-eyed partisan:


I wonder how he’d explain his ‘humor’ to this guy:


If you know ANY Republican that says Democrats don’t honor and support our soldiers, print this page out and SHOVE IT IN THEIR FUCKING FACE – then see if they still think it’s so damn funny.

The Republican Party has destroyed so many lives in the past five years it’s going to take a century to heal the damage.

Their cute little ‘Purple Heart Band-aids’ won’t be forgotten either.

Dig up all the damn dirt you want – this ONE incident points out their complete and utter moral bankruptcy.

They’re not fit to run a landfill, let alone our country.

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