Looney Toon Lunch

Got this from the AFA today (I’m a member so I get all their heinous little email screeds):

September 11, 2006

Please give this invitation to your pastor. Time is short!

Dear Doug,

As you know, we are in the fight of our lives to maintain our Judeo Christian heritage. The moral laws we once held sacred are under siege.

Things we once took for granted as being true and noble and upright are being called into question, and with each passing day we come to realize more and more that morality is no longer an issue we can afford to take lightly. It is the basis of our society. Laws are dictated by it.

We must make our voices heard… to hold steadfastly to the biblical principals of morality that have kept us going strong for generations and to encourage our fellow believers to get involved.

The Colorado Renewal Project is striving to do just that. It is not about supporting or opposing a candidate, a party or a ballot issue. It strives merely to provide pastors with information and resources to motivate and encourage their congregations to participate in the process of shaping our nation’s future. They have authorized me to extend this invitation on their behalf.

Meals and Lodging are complimentary and will be provided by the Colorado Renewal Project.

Please print the following invitation and give it to your pastor:

Colorado Pastors’ Renewal Project invitation


Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and Chairman

American Family Association

P.S. Please forward this e-mail message to your family and friends!

link to a poorly-formatted PDF containing the following:

Colorado Renewal Project

Cordially invites you to participate in its Pastors’ Briefing

With Special Guests

Governor Bill Owens

Dr. Donald E. Wildmon

Who will be accompanied by

The Honorable Bob McEwen

Historian David Barton

Dr. Laurence White

And other guest speakers

To be held in at the Denver Marriott Tech Center, located at:

4900 South Syracuse Street, Denver, CO 80237

on Monday, October 2 and Tuesday, October 3, 2006.

Meals and Lodging are complimentary and will be provided by the Colorado Renewal Project

your space, please RSVP No later than September 18, 2006 by calling (800) 921-1928.

RESERVATIONS are limited and will be accepted on a first call basis.

***If you attended the June 5th and 6th Pastors’ Briefing in Denver,

please be considerate and let someone else be a part of this experience.***

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