Pat Buchanan – Impeachable Offense

Pat Buchanan, past Republican candidate for President makes it quite clear that Mr. Bush should be impeached. Remember, this is a conservative Republican speaking!

From The Situation Room:

Ken Mehlman, the Republican National Committee chairman, as you know, disagrees with you, and the president of the United States disagrees with you on much of these points. What Ken Mehlman said in a June 22 speech to the — I believe it was to the NAACP…


KING: No — Latino-elected officials. I’m sorry.

He said, “America has always and will always be changed by the immigrants who come to our shores. Changed for the better.”

You have a fundamental disagreement. I want you to talk about that in the context of Republican politics. You talk about it here about impeaching the president for not securing the borders.

BUCHANAN: I think the president is not going to be impeached, but he’s guilty of an impeachable offense. The Constitution commands the president of the United States to defend the states from an invasion.


I can’t believe what I’m seeing – Pat Buchanan, a Republican candidate for President saying George Bush has committed ‘an impeachable offense’ – is that the first tower in the sand castle falling?

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