Nine Years at the Mast

Just did a network analysis for a Mac-based client and found nine-year-old Mac hardware quietly working away in the backroom.

9 years x 40 work weeks x 5 day work week x 8 hour day is over 14,000 hours with virtually no maintenance. In an office with *no* computer-savvy staff.

Try that with a crop of Dells.

2 thoughts on “Nine Years at the Mast

  1. Dell recently recalled four million computers when it was discovered they were all sold by Dell.

    I am still using a Mac Powerbook that is fifteen years old. I know people who passed Macs on to their children and now grandchildren. Its like having a Volvo in your lap. (you are now free to a field day with that last sentence.)

    Apple isn’t the only company that made durable products. The Powerbook was hooked up to a HP Laser Printer bought at the same time. My only regret is that I don’t have a SCSI/USB adapter.

    I had a Sony KV1400 series Trinitron for twenty years that I eventually gave away because it did not have a remote and could only be programmed for 14 channels (manually with push buttons).

  2. The client in question was using an Apple G3 266Mhz Beige Desktop as a server… and it was (and still is) doing fine. It’s just that it’s so far past it’s ‘end of life’ that hitting the power button is akin to rolling sixes over and over and over. Gonna come up snake eyes sooner or later…!

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