The Joy of the Yoke

“Works like a horse” is a very old saying. Everyone that works to survive knows the feeling of the ‘endless furrow’. We all pull the plow together but our dreams have to transcend it.

The Joy of the Yoke

Mighty percheron
led from the stall
harnessed with leather and steel
placed at the head of the plow

Snap of the whip
and shout of encouragement
leather creaks
and metal jingles

Hooves pounding
alongside brothers
dust billowing
manes tossing

Up the field
and back again
as sun wheels by
as ever it has

Night comes
and work ends
farmer sleeps
and tools rest

In darkened barn
equine breathing
I wonder if they dream
of the yoke.

MDW 3/98

Illustrated PDF (68K)

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