Me as a Cartoon – Not so Nice…

My pal Rich Merz did this charicature of me and he really caught that ‘mad hacker’ side perfectly. The monitor really WAS that big.

Barefoot in the Snow

Standing on my new deck after a huge snowstorm… in my barefeet. My pal Nick took this and his comment was: “You are a MADMAN!” Yep.

Recent Graduate

Me, my mom and an unknown child on the beach in California (I forget where). I had just graduated from San Joaquin Delta College. It was all just a blur. … Read More

20 and Thin

Oh my God. OH. MY. GOD. What happened…? AAIIGGHHH!!!

Damn Hippie Punk

Thank God the draft ended before I was old enough. I’d have made Charlie Sheen look like Rambo. Rebel without a clue. Headband?? HEADBAND?? What was I thinkin? Still desperately … Read More


Angst, thy name is (well, was) Doog. Even paisley couldn’t make me cool. Sad.

Quizzical Doog

A particularly incisive moment (or I was farting – looks the same).

Judicial Storm

The upcoming elections will no doubt be cause for much societal turmoil – regardless of the outcome. Visiting Denver on a cloudy day recently, I was struck by this image … Read More

Broke the Mold

Good grief. The old saying goes ‘They broke the mold after they made him’ – looks like they broke the mold while they were makin this kid… Had a barber … Read More

Too Geeky to Live

Good grief. Amazing I wasn’t put to death instantly. I think this was in 2nd grade… so, about 1964. Cold War kid. That shirt is now illegal in most states.