Barefoot in the Snow

Standing on my new deck after a huge snowstorm… in my barefeet. My pal Nick took this and his comment was: “You are a MADMAN!” Yep.

Recent Graduate

Me, my mom and an unknown child on the beach in California (I forget where). I had just graduated from San Joaquin Delta College. It was all just a blur. … Read More

20 and Thin

Oh my God. OH. MY. GOD. What happened…? AAIIGGHHH!!!

Damn Hippie Punk

Thank God the draft ended before I was old enough. I’d have made Charlie Sheen look like Rambo. Rebel without a clue. Headband?? HEADBAND?? What was I thinkin? Still desperately … Read More


Angst, thy name is (well, was) Doog. Even paisley couldn’t make me cool. Sad.

Quizzical Doog

A particularly incisive moment (or I was farting – looks the same).

Judicial Storm

The upcoming elections will no doubt be cause for much societal turmoil – regardless of the outcome. Visiting Denver on a cloudy day recently, I was struck by this image … Read More

Broke the Mold

Good grief. The old saying goes ‘They broke the mold after they made him’ – looks like they broke the mold while they were makin this kid… Had a barber … Read More

Too Geeky to Live

Good grief. Amazing I wasn’t put to death instantly. I think this was in 2nd grade… so, about 1964. Cold War kid. That shirt is now illegal in most states.

Bar Code

What they’ll probably laser-burn on my neck at the death camps. Figured I’d save time and have it ready.