Want List

I have been told I am ‘difficult to shop for’ so I have begun maintaining a ‘want list’ so those who wish to buy me a gift will automatically find something I’ll love.

You’re welcome!

  1. Yoga Joes – plastic army men in great poses. site
  2. 05/14/15 – OP-1 Synthesizer ($879 with shipping)
  3. 01/01/2015 – T-shirt
    “Something, somewhere went terribly wrong” (reverse evolution to keyboarding) – Amazon link
  4. Fenix E41 Searchlight
    1000 lumen (burst mode) flashlight.
  5. Mag Instrument LED Upgrade Module
    Why throw out a perfectly good flashlight when you can make it brighter AND last longer!
  6. 10lb box of twenty-dollar bills (available at all banks)
  7. A bazooka / RPG launcher / TOW launcher (available at most TX gun stores)

One thought on “Want List

  1. Let me tell you, the Fenix E41 is awesome and is a great gift for any guy. Even guys who don’t see a need for a high end light. Do they go outside at night? If yes, they will have a use for it and grow to love and appreciate it’s quality workmanship and reliability. Whether it is stashed in the car and only used in emergencies (use Lithium batteries for that, longer shelf life) or used frequently for menial tasks like walking the dogs or taking out the trash (use high quality rechargeables like Eneloop, they last for ever and won’t leak like some alkaline batteries will) – anyone I’ve given an E41 as a gift has totally marveled at it’s performance and beauty.

    It’s dead simple with a single button control, uses 4 common AAs that virtually anyone has on hand and boasts the widest beam of any 4x AA light I’ve seen. The 400 lumen high mode lights up nearly all of my back yard and 1000 lumen turbo mode further cuts through any darkness casting everything into near day light.

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