Charlie’s OK

My dear friend Charles was struck down by a sudden attack of blood clots – agonizingly painful and completely dibilitating. Had us all worried there for a while. He’s doing … Read More

Cody from Conifer Hill

This dog is literally the dog I always wished for when I was a boy. Always eager to chase a stick and friendly as can be. Surely he is an … Read More

Late Night With Ganesh

A little statue an Indian contractor (Hey Kari!) gave me while I was working at StorageTek (for EDS). The ‘mover of obstacles’ now lives on my desk at home.

A Majority in Search of Leadership

by Mary Pitt A staggering number of Americans are totally discouraged by the political actions of both parties as Congress continues to rubber-stamp the recommendations of the Bush administration.

Nine Years at the Mast

Just did a network analysis for a Mac-based client and found nine-year-old Mac hardware quietly working away in the backroom. 9 years x 40 work weeks x 5 day work … Read More

Mad Dog on a Leash

By Sheila Samples “We should prepare to go on the offensive. Our aim is to smash Lebanon, Trans-Jordan, and Syria. The weak point is Lebanon, for the Moslem regime is … Read More

Sucks to Get Old

Hearing reports of numerous deaths in friends’ families. I hate losing people I love.