Too Geeky to Live

Good grief. Amazing I wasn’t put to death instantly. I think this was in 2nd grade… so, about 1964. Cold War kid. That shirt is now illegal in most states.

Bar Code

What they’ll probably laser-burn on my neck at the death camps. Figured I’d save time and have it ready.

Just Damn Rude

Maybe it’s getting older, but I found this young woman’s self-absorption a bit much. I made sure to walk right up to her, get into her field of view and … Read More

Les & Bobby Walsh

Two of the finest people I’ve ever known: my Uncle Les Walsh and his wife Bobby (one of my mother’s sisters). Rest in Peace Bobby. My elegy to her is … Read More

Class Act

Nowadays they call this ‘child abuse’. That poor dog, he lived in fear. I was fourth of five kids and I think my ma just sorta burned out at that … Read More

Kennywood Park Family Day

The folks and ‘the boys’. Passerbys were probably thinking “must live near a nuke plant”. Left to right: My Father, George, me, my mother Shirley and my brother David. I … Read More

No Mercy

By Sheila Samples “Character teaches above our wills. Men imagine that they communicate their virtue or vice only by overt actions, and do not see that virtue or vice emit … Read More

Unformed Lump

So wet behind the ears I’m still dripping. That vest… good grief. I remember the photographer (Mr. Shaffer) saying “That’s the best smile you got?” Yeah, pal, school sucks.

Joe’s Girls

My cousin Joe Walsh‘s daughters. (click thumbnail for larger image) From left-to-right: Annie, Casey, Leslie, Megan. Congratulations to Leslie on her graduation (last year)!