M. Douglas Wray

What I Believe

I believe you must set boundaries with the darkness and never let them move, regardless of the cost – because the real cost of backing away is to lose ground against a foe that sides with entropy – and the death of everything.

Looking Good

My friend DJ tells me I’m ‘looking good’ again. You tell me.

Gift and Warning

I never thought I’d be a good parent, so I avoided that route in life. Fate had other ideas. I subsequently met, married, and lost two wives. Their names and … Read More

Love Prevails

Love Prevails When I use my greatest strength all of my heart to push the darkness away triumph is sweet When I feel the pain searing hot, but no longer … Read More

Apparently, I’m Really Old

I was (not greatly but bemused) surprised that some of my health providers didn’t know what my condition was – it’s that rare. 14 – 20 in 100,000 (I had … Read More

Status Update

I am home – Tammi and the livestock are palpably relieved, as is the fat man. I am able to perform infant-level sustenance functions (swallow, chew, cough, drool {NAILED IT} … Read More

Gravis News

My brush with death came recently, Here’s how it all unfolded.


Dysarthria is a motor speech disorder in which the muscles that are used to produce speech are damaged, paralyzed, or weakened. The person with dysarthria cannot control his or her tongue, larynx, vocal cords, and surrounding muscles, which makes it difficult for the person to form and pronounce words.

Keep the Faith

You are my family, by blood, tears or laughter and I cherish you all.


Playing around with a new tool called “DotMatrix” – very nice special F/X for iSight cams. Like Photobooth but much, much better.

Classy, real classy

I’ve been invited to give a talk about CSS at Boulder Digital Arts! http://www.boulderdigitalarts.com/events/details.asp?offering=161 I’ll be doing some CSS-evangelism to the table-weary masses. Put on your geeky best and come’on … Read More