Keep the Faith

Here we are in mid-summer, poised at the swing of the seasons and the pendulum of life is picking up speed after grinding to a halt on it’s swing and reversing – finally!

I wanted to say thank you formally to everyone that has helped my family and I over the past three years. God bless you all. It was one of the worst tunnels I’ve been through since Marilyn’s death.

We’re making changes and improvements – hoping for new adventures and great joy in the remainder of ’16 and more and better in ’17 and beyond!

To all of you on the team, thanks.

You are my family, by blood, tears or laughter and I cherish you all.

No Hugs for Doug

There was a boy
his name was Doug
and all he wanted
was a hug

When he asked
they’d always shrug
and so there were
no hugs for Doug

When he asked them
in the hall
there he got
no hugs at all

When he asked them
during lunch
they shook their heads
all in a bunch

When he asked
out in the rain
they all thought
he’d gone insane

He asked them late
he asked them early
and all they thought
was: ‘Damn, he’s squirrelly!”

And so he goes
with grin on mug
hoping for
a hug for Doug

To all those who refused.
MDW 4/15/00

Scary Hairy


I think I had a gene for Rogaine or sumptin… I had hair growin out of my elbows for pete’s sake. Luckily I had those bullet-proof glasses to keep the hungry looks from all the babes from blinding me. (yeahright) My patented ‘muy macho’ pose.

Flight 26


Remember when you could get a tour of the airplane’s cockpit? The pilot himself took this shot. I think it was on Frontier airlines. With my blogging background there’s no way in hell I’ll ever see the inside of a cockpit again. It smelled funny. Aftershave and something… funky.

My Own 70s Show


19 years old. Note – under no circumstances should children this young be given beer. I was. It was all downhill from there. (fun tho!)

I had as many grey hairs as I had clues. I would gladly trade them back… then again… maybe not.

Beefy Boy


During my contracting days at IBM. I took my glasses off for this shot. My pal DJ Cline took this. Ah, I remember when most of my hair wasn’t grey. I’d just bought my first house (in Longmont) was making a great salary and working with folks I loved at one of the best employers in the Boulder Valley. It was the salad days.

Recent Graduate

Recent Graduate

Me, my mom and an unknown child on the beach in California (I forget where). I had just graduated from San Joaquin Delta College. It was all just a blur.

No idea who the baby is… my cousin Deana maybe?

Damn Hippie Punk

Damn Hippie Punk

Thank God the draft ended before I was old enough. I’d have made Charlie Sheen look like Rambo. Rebel without a clue. Headband?? HEADBAND?? What was I thinkin? Still desperately seeking a clue. The other culprits (from left to right) my little sister Paula, my Grandmother and my cousin Laurie, who always looked much cooler than me.

This photo was found via websearch and linked from the blog Unravelling. (look for the word family.)

Broke the Mold

Doog in 4th grade

Good grief. The old saying goes ‘They broke the mold after they made him’ – looks like they broke the mold while they were makin this kid… Had a barber tell me once that my head was shaped ‘like a Coke bottle with the top broken off’. He was a weird man… ‘Monk’ they called him… and not for his monastic habits either.

Class Act

Class Act

Nowadays they call this ‘child abuse’. That poor dog, he lived in fear. I was fourth of five kids and I think my ma just sorta burned out at that point. She was mostly amused by me bein nuts. Of course my dad, well, who do you think took this?

If only I’d been born later, Calvin Klein would have loved me.

Kennywood Park Family Day

Kennywood Family Day

The folks and ‘the boys’. Passerbys were probably thinking “must live near a nuke plant”.

Left to right: My Father, George, me, my mother Shirley and my brother David.

I still remember Kennywood Park – I was so lucky to have gone there as a kid. The Thunderbolt was my favorite ride. Worst ride – that damn tippy ark-thingy. Scared me so bad I still have nightmares. THANKS DAD!

Unformed Lump

Unformed Lump

So wet behind the ears I’m still dripping.

That vest… good grief.

I remember the photographer (Mr. Shaffer) saying “That’s the best smile you got?”

Yeah, pal, school sucks.