Criticism now ‘attack’

I find this terrifically funny in light of this.

I’d comment further but feel there’s no need to – the silence of Lunaticmont speaks profoundly.

The conservatives are terrified of being likened to… *gasp* {{shudder}} …Boulder.


But this comment on the Times-Call says it all I think:

Civil Liberties and Freedom of Speech! I know who I won’t be voting for this coming election.
Longmont, 7/24/2009 10:04 AM


Jon Bell’s Truck-Mounted Snowblower

Photo by Matt Clarke

My pal Jon Bell makin the snow fly with his custom-made snow-blower! Whoo Hoo!!!

Here’s some stats:

  • 4 wheel drive
  • 4 wheel steering
  • 2 engines
  • 6 transmissions
  • 7 foot blower run by a V-8 engine
  • Designed and assembled over two years at home with parts from at least 9 vehicles and a log splitter
  • Minimum speed: 660 ft/hr
  • Maximum speed: 45mi/hr

Parents of the King

Parents of the King - Bruce Gueswel

One of the figures from a series commissioned by Chipotle: ‘Parents of the King‘ by: Bruce Gueswel


133 W 4th

Loveland, Colorado 80537

Phone : (970) 461-9893

Fax : (970) 461-9892




In the Chipotle on North Main St. in Longmont, CO.

This is taken from the diner’s POV – it’s quite a striking piece – as are all the Mayan figures Bruce and co. have done! I was really pleased when I heard this artist was a local. They’ve done a ton of other great stuff – check out their site!