M. Douglas Wray

A Suggestion

Suggestion for allowing fireworks that protects the pets, citizen, and property. Take some funding from police patrols (NOT DEFUNDING, repurposing) a separate division called ‘Noise Control’ that had unarmed officers … Read More

Wonderful Wacky Words

Bamboozled Flabbergasted Discombobulated Shenanigans Cattywumpus Lollygag Malarkey Kerfuffle Brouhaha Nincompoop Skedaddle Pumpernickel Gobsmacked Dillydally Smithereens Gobbets Dooflinkey Widget Gizmo

Merry Christmas 2012

As the year draws to a close and families gather together, we offer our warmest greetings and best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Doug, Tammi and … Read More

1st haircut

I think I have a faint grasp now of what that first haircut day must be like for a parent. One difference, your single-digit aged child can’t rip someone’s arm off if they panic and go bonkers.

Web prayer

Considering the number of times the Diety’s name is used during everyday use, it clearly is a religion.

Power of pop

Powered only by soda and candy, this car shows the way to a sweet driving future.

Robo Mouth

Oh dear… I can only imagine how many ways this will be misused.

Cleaner Science

Very cool and geeky soaps designed to look like microbial cultures! Gorgeous and functional. Gotta love THAT.