Death in the Family

My dear Aunt Bobbie Walsh passed away after a severe stroke. The family is gathering to pay their respects.

Trust is a Mutual Affair

by Mary Pitt If there are two words in the English language which should raise one’s level of alertness, those words are, “Trust me”.

The Living and the Dead

by Mary Pitt The living sing songs of inspiration, songs of praise for the superiority of their own nation, their own principles, and their own concept of God. They are … Read More

Get a life trolls

Follow the money Longmont, the people puppeting your city council are obvious.

Things From Hell

Again Stephanie Baum shows her true colors – deep, deep hatred with a streak of bright malice.

The Joy of the Yoke

“Works like a horse” is a very old saying. Everyone that works to survive knows the feeling of the ‘endless furrow’. We all pull the plow together but our dreams … Read More


When I first started communicating with Marilyn (who was to become my wife) I realized that I had found someone who really spoke to my inner child, which had faded … Read More