M. Douglas Wray

Stolen Car

Please help Charlie Fellenbaum find his car!

Power of pop

Powered only by soda and candy, this car shows the way to a sweet driving future.

Apple > M$

As of Wednesday, Wall Street valued Apple at $222.12 billion and Microsoft at $219.18 billion. The only American company valued higher is Exxon Mobil, with a market capitalization of $278.64 billion.

Embrace Life

This is achingly beautiful and makes an excellent point.

Young brain again

German neuroscientists made a breakthrough in ‘age-related cognitive decline’, a common condition that often begins in one’s late 40s (especially declarative memory — the ability to recall facts and experiences).

Bible Riots

The city of Philadelphia was torn by riots – thirty died, churches were burnt… watch this great video!

Robo Mouth

Oh dear… I can only imagine how many ways this will be misused.

Dick Tracy’s wrist radio is here

I remember reading about Dick Tracy in the funny papers when I was a boy. I always marveled at his nifty-neato wrist radio that sent pictures too. Years went by and I dabbled in all sorts of communication media, eventually finding my way to the wonderful world of webcams.