M. Douglas Wray

Stolen Car

Please help Charlie Fellenbaum find his car!

Robo Mouth

Oh dear… I can only imagine how many ways this will be misused.

Steve Austin Lives

Solar Powered Augmented Reality Contact Lenses ByronScott writes “Want eyesight that could put your neighborhood cyborg to shame? Well, University of Washington professor Babak Amir Parviz and his students are … Read More

Criticism now ‘attack’

I find this terrifically funny in light of this. I’d comment further but feel there’s no need to – the silence of Lunaticmont speaks profoundly.

Free disrespect

Glen Greenwald on Alito. I was going to write, this will do nicely.


Hat tip to Daring Fireball – always useful. What I Hope Apple Unleashes Tomorrow I refuse to excerpt from this wonderful article. Go read it. Derek Powazek. Add to aggregator.

Headed West Mural

Of course someone got their panties in a wad about this mural. It’s still 1920 in Colorado and will continue to be until the last of the stoneheads die off.

Healthcare Reform

It passed today. I just watched the final vote in the Senate. Thank God. That’s the best Christmas present I’ve ever gotten.


I just wanted to offer a sincere thanks to all of the programmers, moderators, testers and other users of WordPress. This tool has revolutionized my web experience, brought me business … Read More

Day of Reckoning

Democratic Senator: GOP on Desperate Mission of Propaganda, Obstruction and Fear By Sheldon Whitehouse, AlterNet. Posted December 21, 2009. In his Senate floor speech on the health-care bill, the Rhode … Read More

Others declare me a guru

This is truly funny and sweet. Just recently someone using a pseudonymous sockpuppet to mock me said I was a self-proclaimed guru. It was a direct slam against the text … Read More

I can only vaguely express my joy

IBM orders MS Office out of the building. IBM Throws Out Microsoft Office Sep 12, 2009 360,000 IBM workers have been told to stop using Microsoft Office and switch to … Read More