M. Douglas Wray

Absurd Signs

Great web app to make your own absurd signs – help lampoon the Westboro loons! Absurd Sign Generator at ‘GodHatesSigns.com

Oh ba-bee

Killer funny animation. Long, too. Hat tip to Bifurcated Rivets.

Daren Gray

Screamingly funny twist on Casey at the Bat. From the comments at Wired.com’s live coverage of the Apple event “Jobs at the Bat” by Daren Gray (as largely thefted from … Read More

Dropped Food

From Andy Wright via Laughing Squid. TOO FUNNY

iPad – NSFW

Oh. My. God. Mad TV strikes again. I worfed out loud when I watched this.

Misfit Toys

My fiance loves all these films. She’s definitely a Christmas addict. Here’s a fun clip featuring the Island of Misfit Toys:

Geek humor

Some real science groaners…. Hat tip to Doug’s Dynamic Drivel!

Big Head

Fantastic. Go see. Hat tip to my bro Todd.

Deeply, deeply touching

I read dooce.com daily and love it. This post is just another reason why. I know how you feel Heather, I know just how you feel.