M. Douglas Wray

Did you know?

Let’s not let fear change our nation’s great tradition and direction again.

On the Other Side

written by: Tommy Dunbar, Kyle Vincent; Lyrics © Bob-A-Lew Songs, Cohen and Cohen

Dawkins. Watch.

The pope condemns atheists for Hitler’s deeds? Hitler was a catholic, and a beloved one.

RIP Kodachrome

The last roll of Kodachrome has been processed. The King is Dead! Long Live the King!

Men in Dresses

This is freakin nuts. No wonder there’s so much deviance in the Church – they’re all cross-dressers. Besides, the guy in the middle looks exactly like Tim Conway.

Bible Riots

The city of Philadelphia was torn by riots – thirty died, churches were burnt… watch this great video!

A bad idea

James Winkler thinks the idea ‘money = free speech’ is a bad idea. I very much agree.

Eric Schwartz, Aug 21

If you haven’t seen this you should. It’s hilarious. He’s a musical satirist and he’s coming to CO on Aug 21st – he’ll be at the Aspen Meadows House Concerts … Read More

Absurd Signs

Great web app to make your own absurd signs – help lampoon the Westboro loons! Absurd Sign Generator at ‘GodHatesSigns.com


The Word from Winkler – News and Views from the United Methodist Board of Church and Society. – Word from Winkler Withholding food By Jim Winkler, General Secretary, General Board … Read More