When I first started communicating with Marilyn (who was to become my wife) I realized that I had found someone who really spoke to my inner child, which had faded to a near-wraith after seventeen years of marriage to an alcoholic.

Just and True

My father was not always my best friend – he still isn’t. However, he did give me a lot of good advice and was as good a father as he could be. He never lied to me or backed away from a challenge in life. Here’s my thanks for that.

Just and True

When I was a young man
my father spoke to me
in words of measured wisdom
he tried to make me see

That life is hard and painful
a place to serve and work
to always do my very best
and never turn or shirk

and if I did the best I could
rewards would come to me
for nothing in this life he said
would ever come for free

As I grew up I questioned this
as young men always do
until I learned the hard way
that what he said was true

The upward path is always hard
and shortcuts mean defeat
cause no one likes a liar
and no one loves a cheat

But on that path you find the friends
that make your life worthwhile
I hear you now George Parker
I hope this makes you smile!

The only thing I really own
is what I learned from you
Always do your very best
Be always Just and True.

with love for my dear father
your son Douglas

6/97 MDW

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Thousand Suns

Thousand Suns

There is a fire that burns
with the heat of a thousand suns
I have walked through this inferno
Shadrach is my name

Like the sun in the sky it burns
silent but relentless
now the fire is within me
Meshach is my name

Honor tends this furnace
blows the coals white-hot
no impurities survive here
Abendego is my name

Every atom of my being
sings this fierce paean
I have lived to tell this tale
Douglas is my name

To my friends I beckon, come close
let the furnace protect you
To my foes I beckon, come close

The fire still burns

With the heat of a thousand suns.

MDW 1/95

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