M. Douglas Wray

Robo Mouth

Oh dear… I can only imagine how many ways this will be misused.

Dick Tracy’s wrist radio is here

I remember reading about Dick Tracy in the funny papers when I was a boy. I always marveled at his nifty-neato wrist radio that sent pictures too. Years went by and I dabbled in all sorts of communication media, eventually finding my way to the wonderful world of webcams.

Cleaner Science

Very cool and geeky soaps designed to look like microbial cultures! Gorgeous and functional. Gotta love THAT.

East Looe Boys

A WWII ballad that is simply amazing. I encourage you to find a recording of it – you’ll treasure it.

Avatar 2

Jake Sully has no idea what he’s gotten into this time.


Wonderful moment near the very end when the woman opens her eyes. Stunning since they were closed the entire video. Gorgeous, clever and engrossing stop motion. Hat tip to  Bifurcated … Read More

Link Wray

Fascinating Wikipedia article on another famous Wray.

Steve Austin Lives

Solar Powered Augmented Reality Contact Lenses ByronScott writes “Want eyesight that could put your neighborhood cyborg to shame? Well, University of Washington professor Babak Amir Parviz and his students are … Read More

37Signals Rework

Hilarious and spot-on attack ad parody. Rover will be banging his head on the desk, wishing these guys worked for him. The ad’s production quality is superb.