Diagnosis +1

It’s tuesday the 12th, 3:37pm.

Marilyn is slowly but surely losing her memory.

She cannot recall things that happened ten minutes ago.

She has developed tremors and twitches – the onset of seizures.

She has no pain and is in good spirits.

She speaks joyfully of ‘going to God’

I’m exhausted and awaiting hospice and friends to help.

She lays in our bed, dozing, our cats sleeping nearby.

The clock ticks.

5 thoughts on “Diagnosis +1

  1. Tell her we send our love. Try to rest when you can. But the exhaustion may not have much to do with rest, and rest may not come easily. I’ll be up in a few days. If you need a visit sooner please holler!

  2. Doug, you and Marilyn are in my heart as you go through this final journey together. wtih loving thoughts, Kathy (from Longmont Move On, etc)>

  3. So sorry Doug but you know that whatever happens after we leave this mortal coil it’s a better place to be. If you need a pal, or anything else, give me a call brother.

  4. Hey Doug, I’m thinking of you! Let me know if I can do anything.

    XO Best, Marc

    1. Thanks Marc, giving me the time to collect the pieces of my shattered heart is the greatest gift the Alumni Association could give, but I appreciate your offer. There’s much more road ahead, you can steady me when I stumble as I undoubtedly will.

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