Save the Whales AGAIN

Russian Oil Construction Causing Whales to Starve July 6, 2007

The critically endangered western gray whale population has abandoned its only known feeding area this summer, and conservationists blame noise pollution from a gas and oil project in the Russian Far East.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) says that the construction of an offshore facility at Shell’s Sakhalin-2 project has resulted in a constant, high level of noise.

Only about 100 western gray whales remain in the world, and they have historically fed around where the Sakhalin Energy facility is being built.

“Shell has been warned by experts of the need to limit both the duration and level of noise, but the company will not let protecting the whales interfere with its construction schedule,” said James Leaton, WWF’s oil and gas policy adviser.

Sightings of thin or emaciated whales have been made since the construction began in the area, according to WWF.

WWF says an expert panel has been convened to advise Shell on the whale issue. But the group claims the most recent meeting was hindered by Shell failing to provide adequate information on previous noise levels or details of future construction plans.

Interestingly, this story isn’t quite complete – read this:

Shell Forced to Capitulate to Putin

and you’ll see that it’s not just the greasy oil barons, but the tiny-minded corrupt pols at it again.

I wonder, when the Earth is a sand-covered burnt out husk devoid of life, will their endless greed be satisfied? Somehow I doubt it.

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