Radicalized Wife, Pt 2

From: Marilyn Wray

Date: October 21, 2006 11:04:25 AM MDT

To: Doug Wray

Subject: post it how you want to

As a former law enforcement official and having worked in the court and prison system I can tell you that we do not have enough jails, courts, prisons, parole and probation officers or attorneys to deal with the amount of crime out there.

The only fiscally responsible way to deal with most crime (other than murder, rape, homicide) is to plea-bargain a case to a lesser charge. In the case of a habitual offender prison time may be needed to protect our communities. There is no room in our prisons for first and oftentimes second time offenders or even three time offenders. In jails all over the nation the cells are overloaded with criminals. There is no more room at the Inn. Although I oppose the death penalty I understand it might be necessary if we are going to free up space. So which is it? Overcrowding? No prison time? Early release? Plea-bargaining? This nation has a problem with crime. It does not matter what state you live in there is crime. As a criminal justice courts and law graduate I learned that some countries do not have as much crime as the United States. Japan for instance has much less crime. In looking at other countries we need to look at their culture and how they deal with their crime. Asian cultures are far different from the United States. Do we want to adopt their life style and ways of dealing with crime?

Before we can start to judge how a D.A. handles cases we need to look at the record of D.A.s all across the nation, both Democrat and Republican. Plea-bargaining is a fact of life. Mr. Ritter did not deal with crime any differently than Republican D.A.s I worked under in a different state. The fact is that Mr. Beauprez received privileged information. As an employee of a state correctional system I could not get into the NCIC database, but had to obtain records from someone who could and who was authorized to do so. My use of that information was strictly used for work that I had been assigned. I could not divulge that information to any source other than the courts while in the course of my duties. It appears to me that Mr. Beauprez has violated the law and so has his informant. This is not a case of whistle blowing in any way. This is a case of using classified information to use in political warfare in the hopes of smearing an opponent. Both sides are guilty of smearing each other. This has to stop!!

I have been watching other candidates across the state and they are really pathetic. Folks, talk about your record, talk about what you will do for the state, talk about anything. Quilt smearing your opponent. It makes you look small and petty and will not garner the trust of the people. My mother used to say, “If you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all.” Good advice to all.

Marilyn L. Wray, MSW

Have I mentioned I love my wife?? I am truly a lucky man to be married to someone so smart. -Doug

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